Adoption in Arizona


Adoption refers to the legal transfer of all parental rights from one individual or couple to another individual or couple. Adoptive parents then assume the same responsibilities and rights of biological parents.

Choosing adoption in order to expand your family can bring much hope and excitement for the future. As you move forward with the adoption process, however, it may be best to seek help from a trusted attorney in order to minimize any delays and help the process proceed in the smoothest manner possible.

Over the years, our Phoenix adoption and family law attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC have helped numerous families adopt children successfully. We are knowledgeable of the challenges that can arise in such cases and are experienced at resolving these complications so that our clients can complete the adoption process in Arizona efficiently and enjoy the future with their new members of the family.

Qualifying to be an Adoptive Parent

In Arizona, custody and adoption laws are primarily geared towards keeping children with their biological parents. If doing so is not possible or is not in the child’s best interests, however, the law then strives to find permanent homes where the children can grow up with an adoptive family.

To be an adoptive parent in Arizona, an individual has to be meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have no criminal record with convictions for crimes against children, crimes against a partner, or any other violent crime such as murder, rape, or assault

Factors such as whether an individual is single or married, or whether an individual owns or rents a home are not significant when qualifying to be an adoptive parent.

Additional Information on Arizona Adoptions

When an individual qualifies to proceed with an adoption, how the process proceeds is dependent on numerous factors. These include whether an individual proceeds with a closed or open adoption, as well as whether the child lives in Arizona, in another state, or in another country.

Generally, individuals who wish to advance with an adoption in Arizona must first:

  • Participate in an orientation on Arizona adoptions
  • Submit to a comprehensive background check
  • Undergo a family assessment conducted by a caseworker
  • Undergo training focused specifically on parenting

It is important to note that any misstep in the adoption process can potentially result in delays or even a possible rejection of the adoption petition. It is therefore critical to retain the services of an experienced lawyer who can navigate you through the process.

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