Arizona Divorce Forms

Arizona Divorce FormsFiling for a divorce can be confusing, especially when one takes into account the seemingly endless paperwork involved. Nevertheless, it’s essential to get things right when filing a petition for dissolution of marriage in court. A lawyer will be crucial during this process. They can help determine which documents are needed, which forms need to be filled out, and when to file them.

Below is a list of the commonly filed divorce forms in Arizona.

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Forms DRDC15F, DRDA10F, DRLSA10F, AOC DRD67F, DRD61F, and DRTP52F

This is a petition for the court to end the marriage and includes the grounds for the divorce. It should include the following forms:

  • Form DRDC15F – for a Dissolution of Marriage (or divorce) with minor children
  • Form DRDA10F – for a Dissolution of Marriage (or divorce) without minor children
  • Form DRLSC10F – used for legal separation with minor children
  • Form DRLSA10F – used for legal separation with minor children
  • Form AOC DRD67F  – includes default information for spousal maintenance
  • Form DRTP52F – for Motion to Set Trial Date and Certificate of Readiness

Establishing Child Support Amount, Form DRES11F 

The form can be downloaded here. This shows the amount of child support that the petitioner wants to request. 

Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, Forms DRDC81F, DRDA81F, DRLSC81F, DRLSA81F, and FEDIWOF

Similar to the Petition, this should also be assembled by the petitioner depending on the couple’s particular circumstances. It should include the following forms:

  • Form DRDC81F is used for dissolution with minor children
  • Form DRDA81F is used for dissolution without minor children
  • Form DRLSC81F is used for legal separation with minor children
  • Form DRLSA81F is used for legal separation without minor children
  • Form FEDIWOF is the Income Withholding Order for child support

Child Support Order, Form DRS81F 

The form can be downloaded here. The form stipulates the child support amount.

Joint Custody Parenting Plan, Form DRCVG11F 

The form can be downloaded here. This enumerates the joint custody terms and conditions for couples with minor children. This form is used when both parties decide to share both the physical and legal custody of their minor children.

Preliminary Injunction Against Both Petitioner and Respondent, Form DR14F 

The form can be downloaded here. This is a request for a standing order that prohibits both parties from dissipating marital assets, harassing the other party or their children, and leaving Arizona with the children without the court’s approval or the other party’s agreement.

Application and Entry of Default, Form DRD61F 

The form can be downloaded here. If the other party cannot be served the divorce papers, the petitioner can use this form to apply for a default divorce. It also serves to certify that the other party is not an active service member.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer

Not all of the forms listed above will apply to your divorce case. Divorce can get complex very quickly, especially if you and your spouse don’t agree on things or if there are substantial assets or children involved. It’s best to consult with an experienced and qualified lawyer to ensure that you’re filling out and submitting the correct ones. Your lawyer can also provide guidance and ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

If you’re ready to file for divorce, contact our skilled and capable team at Goldman Law. We’ve helped countless clients navigate the Arizona divorce process and have fought to obtain the best outcomes for their cases. Call us now at (602) 698-5520 to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation or use our online contact form.