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The family law practice at Goldman Law is dedicated to helping traditional and nontraditional families resolve their family law issues, including divorce, custody, etc. The family law practice at Goldman Law is dedicated to helping traditional and nontraditional families resolve their family law issues, including divorce, custody, etc. Family law deals with some of the most sensitive and precious aspects of people’s lives. From the structure of a family unit to ongoing financial obligations after a married couple has divorced, the delicate and yet important matters of family law can cause even amiable couples and family units to quickly become embroiled in intensely contentious legal battles.

The good news for anyone who is contending with a matter of family law is that the experienced and trusted Phoenix family law attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC are here for them, ready to:

  • Stand up for their rights and fight for them in any legal setting
  • Provide them with the highest quality legal services, including personalized attention, regular case updates and professional advice throughout the process of the case
  • Help them resolve their family dispute as favorably as possible.

What our clients can also trust when they choose to work with a skilled Phoenix family law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC is that they will have optimal chances of obtaining the best possible outcomes to their cases so they can focus on their family and their future.

Below is an overview of some of the specific family law practice areas that our lawyers are experienced at practicing.

Divorce Cases

When ending a marriage is in a couple’s best interests, having the representation of a Phoenix divorce lawyer from Goldman Law, LLC can help the divorce case proceed smoothly towards a successful resolution. Regardless of the net worth of a couple or how long a couple has been married, our divorce attorneys have the skills, experience and knowledge to work out the best possible resolutions for our clients.

Some of the specific types of divorce cases with which we have extensive experience overseeing include (but are not necessarily limited to):

For these and other divorce cases, our Phoenix divorce lawyers can:

When divorce may not be the best option for ending a marriage, our skilled attorneys can also assist our clients in obtaining annulments and legal separations.

Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases can engender some very touchy and sensitive issues, particularly when custody cases are occurring as part of contentious, bitter divorce cases. At Goldman Law, LLC, our Phoenix child custody lawyers are highly proficient at advocating our clients’ rights in any type of custody case so they can obtain the best possible outcomes to these cases.

Some of the various aspects of these cases that our attorneys are especially adept at successfully handling include (but are not limited to):

LGBT Family Law

The issues that traditional married couples face, such as issues regarding marriage, divorce and child custody, can all also impact non-traditional couples – and resolving these issues can be just as complicated and contentious as it may be for traditional married couples. Regardless of what your family unit may look like, you can trust the Phoenix LGBT family law attorney at Goldman Law, LLC to:

  • Provide you with aggressive, experienced and compassionate representation
  • Help you obtain the best possible outcomes to your family law issues.

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