Father’s Rights

Father's Rights

In the state of Arizona, child custody laws are considered to be “gender blind.” This means that the gender of a parent is not a determining factor when it comes to deciding on matters pertaining to visitation and child custody. Family courts no longer favor mothers in visitation and custody rulings, and instead focus on making decisions based on the child’s best interests.

Despite these laws, however, many fathers still face an uphill battle when fighting for visitation or custody of their children. This battle is particularly challenging if or when:

  • There are issues or questions on the paternity of a child
  • A father is unsure of his rights and is unaware of how to assert them in court properly
  • There are allegations of domestic violence or other contentious matters in the divorce or child custody case.

In any of these situations, fathers may turn to the Phoenix child custody attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC.

What are Father’s Rights?

There is no one document that identifies all of a father’s rights in visitation and child custody matters. Various laws, however, provide numerous rights for fathers in such situations. Among the rights fathers have are:

  • The right to paternity testing – While there is no question as to who a child’s mother is, this is not the case with fathers. Men who have doubts about paternity or who want to establish paternity in the eyes of the law have the right to pursue paternity testing.
  • The right to ask for full or partial custody – Fathers are entitled to seek the type of custody or visitation rights that they desire. While both parents may opt to work out a favorable custody agreement outside of court, a family court will rule on this matter if it cannot be handled amicably.
  • The right to request support payments – Fathers who are granted primary custody of a child may request for child support payments from the child’s mother to help cover costs of raising and caring for the child.
  • The right to request modifications to custody and visitation arrangements – Once the courts rule on child custody and visitation agreements, fathers are entitled to request for changes or modifications to these arrangements in the future—particularly when there is a change in circumstances that warrant the modification.

Take note that unwed fathers may have different rights. Regardless of marital status, however, working with a competent attorney in custody and visitation cases can be critical to fully advocating and protecting a father’s rights.

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