Phoenix Visitation Attorneys

Phoenix Visitation Attorneys

Visitation refers to designated times and conditions in which a non-custodial parent may see his or her child apart from the custodial parent. This access to a particular child normally applies to parents, although may also refer to grandparents and other relatives in some situations.

Visitation is a common issue of contention among divorcing parents, and it is important that parties seeking visitation from the court or looking to modify existing visitation agreements consult with a trusted Phoenix visitation attorney from Goldman Law, LLC as soon as possible.

Factors in Visitation Rights and Rulings

While a family court judge generally upholds reasonable visitation arrangements that both parties can agree upon, the judge takes into consideration a number of factors when no agreement can be reached between two parties.

Similar to child custody cases, factors that play a major role in determining the outcome of visitation cases involve a non-custodial parent’s:

  • Mental health
  • History of alcohol or drug addiction
  • Criminal record, particularly for domestic violence arrests or charges related to crimes against children
  • History of abuse
  • Place of residence—particularly if the parent lives within close proximity to the custodial parent

When it comes to visitation agreements, it is important to note that an individual with a history of mental health issues or addiction may still be awarded visitation if the judge believes it is in the best interests of the child. Complicated visitation cases, however, may involve supervision for a certain time period.

An individual may officially petition the court for modifications to be made to the existing visitation arrangement. Rulings may also be changed or modified at any point in the future, provided that the circumstances of the case change. An example would be if the non-custodial parent moves closer to the custodial parent.

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