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A divorce decree is the court’s judgment order and final ruling that officially terminates the marriage. It identifies specific terms on how marital property is to be divided, how custody is to be awarded or shared, and how spousal and child support is to be paid once the divorce has been finalized.

Although divorce decrees are considered to be final, they may be modified in the future if circumstances of one or both spouses change. In such event, a spouse may purse a divorce modification through the family court. Having an experienced Phoenix divorce attorney spearhead these modification efforts, however, will be critical to their success.

The Phoenix divorce modification attorneys at Goldman Law, LLC are experienced in helping clients modify different aspects of their divorce decrees in order to suit their present circumstances. We can properly prepare and file the documents necessary to initiate the process, and advance your interests in court to help you obtain the divorce modifications you both need and desire.

Types of Divorce Modifications

There are various types of divorce modifications that individuals can pursue. Some of the most common types include:

  • Child custody modifications – With this form of divorce modification, individuals may petition to alter the terms of their current custody arrangements. A common example is if one parent wishes to spend more time with their children because he or she has moved closer to the custodial parent. Child custody modifications may also be pursued if a parent believes that the child’s welfare or health may be compromised under the care of the other parent.
  • Support payment modifications – Support payment modifications may be made when there is a change in one party’s financial circumstances. A common example of such is when an individual loses his or her job, and is no longer able to meet the set financial obligations.
  • Property settlement modifications – In a Arizona divorce, people are generally given six months after a property settlement decree to file for a modification of this settlement. This type of divorce modification, however, may also be pursued after the six-month period if there is some form of fraud in the original proceeding. An example of such is if one party purposely concealed some marital assets during property division in the divorce case.

Divorce Modifications and Going Through the Court

The primary thing to remember about divorce modifications and making an official change to any aspect of a standing divorce decree is that you should always go through the courts. While it may be tempting to take matter into your own hands, doing so could result in your facing serious legal issues later on. You should under no circumstances violate terms of an existing decree—even if an ex-spouse has failed to pay child support or disobeys a custody agreement.

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