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Military Divorce

A military divorce refers to a type of divorce where one or both spouses are in the military. While a divorce between the average civilian couple can already be difficult to get through, a military divorce can be particularly challenging due to the numerous unique issues that could potentially complicate the proceedings.

Apart from an understanding of the basic divorce process, military couples must be aware of the various factors that could affect their divorce. It would be most beneficial to the divorcing parties to work closely with a competent Phoenix military divorce attorney at Goldman Law, LLC.

Military Benefits for Ex-Spouses

When it comes to military divorces, one area of contention is the eligibility of the soon-to-be ex-spouse of the service member to receive military benefits after the divorce.

If the military divorce proceeding takes place in Arizona, the law dictates that the ex-spouse is typically entitled to receive as much as half of the service member’s benefit payments provided that:

  • The marriage has lasted for a minimum of 10 years
  • The marriage has overlapped with active military service for a minimum of 10 years

If both requirements are met, then the value of the benefits (and other factors such as the jurisdiction of the case) will be taken into account when determining how much of the service member’s benefits will be awarded to the ex-spouse.

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